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Covid-19 Update #5

By Sean MacNamara, 04/05/20, 9:45AM EDT


Cobras Families,

Well, we have at least another month of no school, no footie, and no social interaction.  I hope all of you are doing well and doing your best to adhere to the stringent regulations.  I know it’s difficult, but we have to do it. Some of you, like me, have children living away from home and I understand how stressful that is.  I have a son living in L.A. and one living in N.Y., and although I want them at home with me, it is just not safe for them to travel. God willing we shall get through this without any Cobra family member being affected.  One good thing though, little Kipper has had more exercise than ever!  


I’m teaching from home and all of my students are getting reading and writing assignments every day.  So, as a parent, I know you also have to deal with keeping your child on top of their schoolwork; I have every trust in all of them! At the end of probably every training session I stress to them all the importance of school.  I share with them something I love to say, “Your G.P.A. will open more university doors than your soccer skills will” and I feel they believe me. Good students in the classroom = good students of the game! If they appear to be slipping behind with their academics, please remind them of what Coach Mac says.


Thank you for the emails and videos you have sent me this past couple of weeks.  Don’t be shy to let me know how you are doing or how the children are making out. It has to be most difficult for them, as they must sorely miss the social interaction with their mates both from school and from the Cobras.


The CASA league is looking at a May start to the fixtures and competitions.  



As already confirmed, the Crossroads College Showcase has been permanently cancelled and everyone should have received the hotel refunds by now.  As you will see, the State Cup is scheduled to go ahead, but I am not confident of the start dates being as they were originally set.  The Memorial Day event has been moved to Family First in Erie P.A. and any family who had rented rooms at Edinboro, shall now have rooms at Gannon University.  The University is around 10/15 minutes from Family First. The younger teams, I believe 9 through 14 shall play at Family First, and the older teams shall play at local high school and universities.  


Here is another compilation of skills for the children to practice.  The players know most of them, just a different variation with different names.


None of us have ever experienced the like of this before and we must stay strong together even though we are apart.  I miss the training sessions, the camaraderie with the coaches, the chats with the parents, the thinking behind each game plan, the setting of the starting line-ups, the development of the player rotations, the challenge of each and every game, the banter with the refs, but most of all, I miss the laughter of the children; above all, please God, keep the children safe!


We live in the best country in the world and we shall get through this together.

God Bless You All,

Coach Mac.